Hitman: The Secret Agent

MY FAVORITE ASSIGNMENT I’VE DONE YET! Since I suck at video editing or at least thought I did, I am actually really proud of this trailer I made. This assignment was 5 stars and I took movie clips from Hitman: The Secret Agent (2017) from YouTube. I cut so many scenes from this movie and downloaded them on my phone. i went through all of them and cut and trimmed and even deleted some. I then organized each clip in my photos in the correct order that I wanted them to go. After so much time of doing this, I put them in my Video Splicer app where I cropped each video to make some of the scenes more discrete, I added a title page and a credits screenshot from the option of adding text to my video on the app, and then I had everything together. This trailer actually looks real and I’m very proud of it. I chose this particular movie because it literally has the story line of my spy. So in this trailer, Joe is the bald headed guy and the girl who is hurt and dying is his wife. This leads him to kill and go after all of his enemies and seek justice. I added in all of the scenes of fire, fighting, killing, and revenge that I could find to really create the story I want Joe to have. In my opinion, Joe is a hitman and a secret agent and that’s why this came out so perfectly and really reflects my character. I also wanted to incorporate an inspiration for other DS106 students to watch. I wanted them to see and have an idea of what their secret agent could do. So on the first slide I said ” This is how cool your DS106 story could be…” I did this so going into our final weeks, if we were to create a story, I could inspire them with some ideas. This trailer tells the story of Joe and exemplifies the theme of a strong secret agent. Here is my video!

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