English 202 Page

Here, I will post my web assignments for English.

One assignment I did was answer the question, “4. What idea(s) in the essay did you find most interesting, and what aspects of the writing helped add to your interest?” after reading “The Itch” by Atul Gawande. You can see my answer below.

4. The ideas in the essay that I found most interesting were the dermatological knowledge that was spewed in this piece. Although I have background medical knowledge, the author did a great job of speaking through the medical terminology for readers that may not understand by describing related symptoms that readers could associate with. I also found that when the author described the doctor’s thought processes, it made it easy to follow. This can be seen in when Dr. Oaklander’s two theories were described. This is found on page five where the passage states, “Oaklander came up with two theories. The first was that those few remaining nerve fibres were itch fibres and, with no other fibres around to offer competing signals, they had become constantly active. The second theory was the opposite. The nerves were dead, but perhaps the itch system in M.’s brain had gone haywire, running on a loop all its own.” In this quote, the author also uses “..brain had gone haywire..” instead of using a sophisticated medical term, is specific in stating the theories, and it gives insight to the different possibilities that the doctors were trying to figure out. Being interested in medicine, this all accumulated into a great piece of teaching me about these conditions. 

The aspects of storytelling really drew me in to this essay because I could read this like a fiction story, but it was also educational and served as a learning opportunity. The author integrated the stories of itching, losing limbs, introducing different doctors, conversations, dialogue, and thoughts which gave the piece an easy flow and different ideas for readers to relate to. I thought it was also really well written since the essay starts off talking about M’s life, includes other characters in the middle, but still ends with conversation about M’s condition. I feel that this piece may not have been as effective in drawing my attention if they did not finish the essay explaining where M is now, how she is doing, and what the course of action is for her treatment. 

I added a picture of someone itching simply to go along with the article topic.
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